Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Day 93: Just let go and have fun!

It's funny that when I first started a Meet Up Group if was like ....crickets...silence, nobody signed up, so I gave up and figured okay that's just not for me.
But then a few months later I started another Meet Up Group just without any expectations and that group grew and blossomed rapidly.
I really think that my first group was created out of a scarcity mindset and I was kind of recruiting clients for my biz.
But my second time around I was looking for like minded Gals to build genuine lifelong friendships with.
It's interesting to me that at the end of the day we all just want to be liked and to make friends.
We all preferably want to meet Besties daily and be best friends with everyone we meet.
Unfortunately we don't live in a fairytale but we can certainly create our own version of our own fairytale.
After a lot of trial and error, I know what kind of gals I'm looking for in my life.
But I also realized that in order for me to attract this gals I had to become the person I want to attract.
Because the saying is true, like minded people attract like minded people.
You gotta grow and be eager to learn and better yourself daily.
You gotta be a best friend to others.
You gotta be sincere and mindful of others feelings and needs.
I started my Fit & Fabulous Meet Up group March 2016 and now almost a year later we grew into 400 and counting Fit & Fab Gals.
I've made some incredible besties through my group.
My mission is really to inspire others and to show that even after loss, heartache, trauma, divorce etc there is a wonderful life waiting to be lived.
Yes we all gotta slow down and give into the grieve and go through the stages of healing.
But we don't have to do that alone and we will find happiness again.
Some women lack confidence, and I was one of them.
But now after realizing that I am good enough and I matter this changed and I am growing into the woman I always wanted to be.
You know what the secret is?
Just be you and don't apologize for being you.
Embrace it and show the world your true colors.
Your power is just being YOU!

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  1. Anna, that's amazing! What an accomplishment 👍🏼 Xo, @chartergirl