Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day 94: Separate Business page Yah or Nah....

Okay the question of the day is: "should you  have a separate business page on Facebook?
Here is my personal opinion.
I have found that having another page is just creating more work and having to do "another chore".
These days we all hammer on being "authentic" and "keeping it real" and just "Be You".
So why can't I just be ME on my one and only personal page?
Okay Yes I probably will start to annoy people with my new biz but you know what? That's me and that's me being REAL.
I think it's so hypocritical, that when someone just joins an MLM (network marketing company), they feel they gotta keep it on "the down low "until they start making money with it.
It's almost like we are embarrassed of the beginning stages.
Nobody comes out of the gate as a winner!
We all have to actually work for it.
It's called netWORKmarketing not netSLACKERmarketing.
And the minute someone is successful with their biz they shout it of the roof tops and their "up line" "mentor" "coach"  raves about their accomplishments and show everybody that they just "earned" a car, a bonus, a higher rank, etc.
Now people will start to pay attention!
Because now everybody thinks they can do the same.
They want to 'earn' the car 'the bonus' the higher rank'.
But they don't want to work for it and they assume they don't have to,  because they never saw or heard about all the hard work.
I think if we all , network marketers, break it down a bit more and keep it real, we will reach even more people.
So today I will do a Facebook Live and I will delete my separate biz pages and I will just be totally transparent about everything.
Like it or not!
Either you are with me or against me.
Either way it's all fine with me.
Peace out!

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