Saturday, March 4, 2017

Day 96: I can't believe this is my life!

Have you ever had this thought?
Have you ever asked yourself; "is this really my life?"
I always wondered and was always envious of people who raved about their passions.
I never really knew what my passions were.
Yeah I knew that hiking was a big passion of mine, but getting lost in nature unfortunately doesn't pay the bills.
I was well aware of the fact that I enjoyed hanging out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
But again that doesn't pay the bills.
For so long, I wasted so much time following other successful Gals.
Then one day, my darling hubby John said to me: "You know Anna, it's all fine and dandy that you got so many friends & followers on social media but having all these friends & followers don't pay the bills.
A lightbulb went on in my head (I know, I know I'm a Blonde and maybe it took me a bit longer than the average bear).
I realized that I could combine all my passions together and make money that way.
I searched and searched and searched some more, until I found the right company for me.
As you know by now, I am a European Gal and I definitely wanted to join an International company with a very big powerful mission.
Personally I have always struggled with a lack of confidence.
I have read pretty much every personal development book out there.
Every day I still read and train my brain.
I have to stay consistent with my daily tasks.
But I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.
I realized I am Unique just by being me.
The only one who has my fingerprint is me.
So........drumroll.....I joined YOUNIQUE.
By just being my YOUnique self, I have made lots of Gals more confident with incredible make up and cosmetics.
At the same time this company has helped me with my confidence and I've made some fabulous Gal Pals and still meeting and making more lifelong friends.
......To Be Continued.....

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