Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 106: Are you growing yourself daily?

Taking time for our personal and professional growth provides nourishment for our souls, and it fuels our minds. It makes us more effective for everyone in our lives.
If I could encourage all of you to implement one thing today, it would be to plan to wake up each day and just as you eat breakfast to fuel your body, begin to feed your mind, too!
You can only go as far as you grow!
I like to spend time each morning devoting attention to my personal and professional growth.
It's the perfect way to power-start my day and to prepare myself for new opportunities.
I like to end each day the same way, so I am thinking and believing positive things before my head hits the pillow.
Therefore I don't start or end my day with chaos, e-mails, TV, text messages, etc.
I feed and fuel myself with daily mediation/prayer, reading personal and professional development materials, and listening to positive and uplifting music.
I even fill in the "empty time" when I drive listening to audio books or free podcasts, making my car a "rolling University."
I listen to things that teach me how to become a better person and more effective leader.
I am extremely intentional about my daily self-programming so I am more effective as a wife, friend, sister, daughter and leader.
I realize that my business can only grow as much as I do.
I used to say things like: "Nobody is joining my Team," or "Everyone is quitting."
Wouldn't you know?
That's exactly what was happening!
Through personal development, I learned that your words are seeds.
Words are capable of bringing a harvest in your life - good or bad.
My words were either going to be fertilizer to my growing dream, or they would poison it.
Personal Development took me on a journey into a deep discovery about the power of my thoughts and words.
The day when I made up my mind and began to change my daily declarations, saying: "I have a fast growing team with eager like minded Gals, I became successful.
I am still a work in progress but I am loving this journey and just embracing it all.
......To Be Continued....

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