Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 97: Where energy goes, energy flows

Have you ever noticed that after you buy a new car, all of a sudden you see that same car everywhere?
Have you ever noticed that when you complain a lot, all of a sudden you see people around you complaining as well?
This is the case with everything.
When people complain about the negativity in the world and on social media, it means that they gotta clean up their own world first.
You gotta look within, before you play the "blame game," before you point fingers.
A lot of people tend to focus on others.
But out of my own experience I have learned that is such a waste of your precious time.
And time is one of the only things we can not buy.
We gotta stop dwelling on the past and we gotta grow and learn and fail forward.
I was skyping with my father in Holland and he was complaining about feeling lonely.
Now this is not the first time that I hear this, so again I came up with solutions.
Of course my father who is 86 years young, did not want to hear my solutions.
He likes to be the victim and have a pitty party.
Of course I love my father more than life itself and always hear him out but today I really didn't want his negative energy to rub of on me, so I told him to call my mother instead.
Because he complains about my mother, asking me why she left him after 40 years of marriage.
I told him, that has nothing to do with me and they should really sort that out together.
I can not talk for my mother.
In life sometimes it is better to step away from negativity and diffuse the situation with better solutions.
I have noticed that leaders always find solutions.
If there is a problem, there is a solution and if not, you direct this  to others who will have a solution.
The bottomline is, you gotta choose and pick your battles wisely.
There are people on this planet who are not ready and/or willing to help themselves.
You can guide them and show them the way, but you CAN NOT do it for them.
......To Be Continued.....

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