Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day 104: Embrace the beginning of your Journey....

Throughout my life I was always in a rush.
Growing up in Holland, I was watching Dallas, Dynasty and Beverly Hills 90210 and I wanted to live  in America and be married to an All American blue eyed handsome fellow like PRONTO!
This didn't happen overnight and looking back I wish I embraced the journey a bit more and enjoyed every minute of the process to making that dream come true.
Yes I did enjoy but I also remember the lonely nights that I cried myself to sleep when I was single.
Dating was hard and fun at times.
You gotta weed out the frogs until you meet your prince.
This goes for everything else in life as well.
I studied and graduated with a Masters in Arabic and now I am a Corporate Flight Attendant and I sell Make-Up and Cosmetics through YOUNIQUE.
My point is: "never say never!"
Keep growing and every beginning is hard and maybe your intentions were different but just go with the flow.
I've experienced loss up close and personal.
I learned a lot from this experience.
I was angry, bitter and negative for a while and played the blame game and felt like a victim.
Eventually there was no other way than snapping out of that mindset and moving on.
Treat people like you want to be treated.
Pay attention to what they say and need.
Don't worry, if you help enough others, your needs will get answered as well.
Surround yourself with like minded people.
Don't apologize for not making time for people who pull you down.
Life is short and as beautiful as you make it yourself.
You will fall, but dust yourself off, and get back up and keep trucking.
Slow and steady.
Don't look back because you are not going backwards but always forward.
Enjoy the ride!
To Be Continued.....

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