Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 98: Check Yourself!

First off nobody is better than anyone else.
We are all wanted on this planet.
There is room for everybody.
Think about the luck we have already had by making it here to this planet.
Your mom and dad had to be with each other at an exact time and I'm sure you know the story about the birds and the bees.
So, now we are all here let's just try to get along and make the best of it.
Start being grateful of the little things because believe it or not, you will create more of that by doing so.
Focus on being positive and happy.
Others like to be around positive and happy people.
Don't you?
Help others throughout the day, like open the door for an other person.
Pull out a chair.
A smile goes a long way.
You don't know what other people have been through.
Here is a little example, when my late husband died and I walked out of the hospital being alone for the first time I felt so intensely sad and it was very weird for me to see others laughing and singing and smiling while I was so miserable.
I kind of wanted for all the other people out on the street who crossed my path to be as miserable as I was, because misery needs company.
It took me a while to realize that what had happened to me wasn't  written on my forehead and if you want to dig deeper it didn't really happen to me, because I was still alive but my late husband was dead.
I had to grieve and go through the stages but after all this, I had to get back up and wipe myself off and get back into the game of life.
....To Be Continued....

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