Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 95: This is where I went wrong.

So, I have tried 2 MLM's (Network Marketing Companies) before.
I know, I know there is no trying but simply doing.
I think I get it now, why I wasn't successful at it.
Because I made the assumption that when I just posted about the products a little bit people would join me.
But now I know you gotta keep showing up consistently.
Meaning you gotta post daily several times.
You gotta open up about your life and dreams and goals.
You gotta share, share, share.
Share why you picked your company.
Why you love the products.
Show pix with you using the products.
Talk about how great you feel because of your products.
And I think this is where I went wrong, I assumed people would contact me to buy and/or join me but no I gotta straight out ask.
And this is where I felt before like selling, but now I know that if I seriously think they would benefit from the products and/or joining the company, I am actually doing them a favor.
So then it's not selling but helping others.
You see everything is about your mindset.
Because think about it, at the end of the day, we all sell something!
We sell ourselves in a way, because we want to be liked, loved.
We sell a movie we just saw or a great restaurant we just ate at.
So that's why in most Network Marketing Companies they always say; "we don't sell, we share!
Everything in life is all about presentation and how you deliver things and how you package it.
If you genuinely come from a good place, this will shine through.
Also while you are working on bettering your own life, you gotta share what works for you, so others can do the same.
It's funny because as long as you communicate and express yourself, others will reciprocate.
Sometimes I make the wrong assumption by assuming that others can read my mind.
But obviously others can't read your mind, so you gotta open up and speak up!
Have fun communicating!
....To Be Continued....

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