Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 101: Photoshoot

The location of the photoshoot was at a beautiful home in Oceanside CA.
The crew was all female.
I had face-timed with my friend Marcy the  photographer earlier that morning and she saw Dobby my furry baby and had given me permission to bring him.
My friend and stylist Lyndell was already on location when I arrived.
I had brought some snacks for all of us and a bottle of bubbly.
Marcy broke out her bottle of bubbly first and we got to work.
We had music playing and Lyndell and I spread out all the outfits we had brought.
Marcy was setting up the lights and back drops.
The whole afternoon (we started around 2pm), flew by.
We shared lots of stories and lots of laughs.
Also I love the fact that we all worked really well together.
For one shot, Lyndell and I even swapped clothes.
Thankfully as Marcy, the photographer shot pix with her camera, Lyndell shot pix with my I-phone and her I-phone.
So we had pix instantly to look at.
Even Dobby (my furry baby) made it onto the pix.
After the shoot, Marcy went to dinner with her hubby and Lyndell and I stopped for coffee on our way home.
While having coffee I copied the pix she took on her I-phone to my phone, so she didn't have to go through that trouble herself.
What a fun afternoon that was!
The photoshoot was really just practice for the 3 of us, to see what works and what doesn't.
It's nice to just get creative without any pressure of paying clients.
Hopefully when Marcy edits and develops the pix, she will share them with me, without charging me.
But even if there is a charge, I'm very pleased with the existing I-phone pix already.
...To Be Continued....

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