Friday, November 25, 2016

Day 44: From The Beginning....

Today, as I am writing this, it has been almost 2 years ago since we got married.
John & I spend a lot of time together because he only flies like 80 hrs out of the year as a private jet pilot and I fly maybe 2 wks out of every few months as a Corporate Flight Attendant for private jets as well.
So John and I are together a lot and we wouldn't want that any other way.
Life is really great and I can honestly say that I have everything that my heart desires.
Yes sometimes I wonder why I lost my first husband and baby.
But that is just my life story and life goes on.
I don't dwell on the past but learn and grow instead.
John and I live in sunny California and have a dog Dobby (16 lbs terrier) and a cat DumbDumb (who is no DumbDumb).
John golfs a lot and I hike and run a lot.
I started my own Meet Up Group called Fit & Fabulous and got like 300 Fit & Fab ladies so far.
I schedule events for myself and then just post it on my Meet Up group.
So far I have made some amazing friends.
In a week I am going to my home country Holland to visit my family and friends.
I'll blog about it and I will keep a daily journal.
My daily routine consists of some sort of exercise, meditation, blogging and journaling.
Yesterday John and I celebrated Thanks Giving at our Country Club Shadowridge.
John golfed and I rode around in the golf cart with him while snapping pix of our beautiful surroundings.
Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious Thanks Giving dinner.
It was great to see how much John is loved over there.
One of his golf buddies chatted with us while we were enjoying some mimosas and he said after I asked him why his wife didn't text me back: "my wife doesn't really like pretty princesses"
Huh? ....To Be Continued......

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