Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Day 41: From The Beginning.....

So as you know, John and I had not seen each other Face to Face in person.
And there is such a thing as chemistry, I don't know if this counts for Skype/Face Time as well.
We had lots of chemistry on Skype and Face Time.
Now we were going to meet each other in person, I was super nervous.
Don't forget he had to drive 2 hrs at least, don't forget traffic in LA, from San Diego.
I remember asking John while we were Skyping/FaceTiming to stand on a chair, so I could see his body type.
He was skinny but perfect.
I have always struggled with being skinny myself.
Don't get me wrong, I have never been overweight but I had to work at it.
I was married before to an obese man and his children & ex-wife had this issue as well.
Health & Fitness have always been very important to me.
Okay back to the story.
After trying to coordinate a time, because John is a private pilot and it is always hard for him to commit because he has to stay close to the plane which is in San Diego.
He actually got a call for a trip last minute, after he had set up a time to drive to me, but thankfully that trip got canceled.
Gosh, I remember when I walked outside my studio to meet him in person.
He was wearing a red sweater and dark blue jeans.
I was super duper nervous and a bit standoffish.
And yes I thought his legs were so skinny, he could break.
Now years later he's still skinny, but healthy skinny.
You know how married men are usually healthier because we feed them better than they can feed themselves. 
I had packed a little backpack because we had not decided on a return date hahaha.
Also I had Airbnb renters arriving soon.
So we got in his big truck and took off.
Off to Carlsbad CA (San Diego county).
.....To Be Continued....

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