Monday, November 14, 2016

Day 39: From The Beginning...

After losing my husband and my baby to death, I was praying to God daily, even though I was disappointed in God.
Playing the blame game is also one of the things you do while grieving.
Every day I was working on myself and healing myself by reading the bible and  lots of different books and listening to podcasts.
While hiking/walking daily for hours on end.
I was renting out my studio while crashing at friends homes.
I was also back to the drawing board with dating.
I am a horrible dater.
Kind of like the lady out of the movie Fatal Attraction (Glenn Close was the actress her name i think).
Remember when she boiled a bunny alive to get the attention of her lover?
I am very intense with dating and pretty much anything in life for that matter.
When I meet a guy, I immediately wonder if he's The One.
I want to move in with him the next day and I really got no patience.
Instant gratification is a big one in my book.
I want it all or nothing.
Dating became a full time job for me.
I did not want to be alone anymore.
I knew there was a special guy for me out there.
Gosh I went on morning breakfast dates, coffee dates, lunch dates, dinner dates etc.
I was gonna weed them out and quick.
Finally I started looking a bit further from my zip code 90210.
I started looking in San Diego on POF the dating website.
I stumbled upon this handsome looking guy, with the most gorgeous blue eyes.
His profession said Pilot.
He was tall, skinny, 3 years younger than me and a typical all American guy.
I favorited him.
He favorited me.
.....To Be Continued......

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