Saturday, November 12, 2016

Day 37: From The Beginning....

Of course I had to do something to make money and be able to live my life the way I wanted to live my life.
I gotta say that after everything I had been through, material things didn't impress me that much anymore.
I just wanted to live a simple life.
Yes, believe it or not that is possible in Beverly Hills 90210.
As I mentioned earlier in my story, I had moved to a studio on the same street Oakhurst Drive.
1 block away from The Four Seasons Hotel on Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills.
I really enjoyed my studio and just walked a lot during the day and read books.
I decided to AirBnB my studio as a host.
This means that I started to rent out my studio on a website called AirBnB, this is like a bed and breakfast site for all over the world.
The only dilemma was that I obviously needed to leave my studio whenever guests came over to stay in my studio.
The money was great and I had a lot of friends who were letting me crash on their couch or use their guest bedroom.
I was hoping and praying that eventually I would meet my 2nd soulmate and I would live with him while I was renting out my studio.
This is exactly what happened.
Before I met my 2nd soulmate I had to weed out a lot of bad guys, or how I like to say, I had to kiss some frogs to meet my Prince Charming.
But nothing good in life comes easy.
I really didn't want to live my life alone as a widow, so eventually I signed up for online dating sites.
And gosh, it wasn't an easy road.
I met some weird, weird ducks.
One guy, who didn't look like his pictures at all.
Another guy had a glass eye, and I didn't know where or how to look him in the eye because his one eye was just staring at me the whole time.
There was a guy who liked to play mental games.
Looking back now I know, that he was the one with the mental issues.
Every time when I got my hopes up, I found out that nobody was and would ever be like Erik.
Until one day.
To Be Continued........

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