Sunday, November 20, 2016

Day 40: From The Beginning....

This is where my life started again after being a widow for a couple of years.
We all grief differently but I never wanted to be alone.
Some people need to be alone for a while after a loss and don't get me wrong I was alone for long enough.
You know in life, you still grow even when you are in a relationship.
And that's what life is all about.
You need to train your brain daily and grow.

So, this one day while I was browsing POF (Plenty Of Fish) dating website, I stumbled upon this handsome guy with the most gorgeous blue eyes and such a genuine smile.
I favorited him, he returned the favor and favorited me.
I sent him a little message and he replied immediately.
We started messaging each other back and forth.
He asked if I had an accent, you know being from Holland that would be normal, so I said yes.
He said that he had an accent.
A Southern accent, because he was from Louisiana.
He also told me that yes he lived in Carlsbad (San Diego county) but because he was a pilot he was traveling a lot.
At the time we met he was in Dallas for his yearly recurrent Pilot Training.
I was staying at my girlfriend Stacey's house in Culver City while I was renting out my studio through Airbnb.
John & I started texting,  talking on the phone, Face Timing and Skyping.
For the next 10 days we were keeping in touch daily and even several times per day.
To be honest pretty much all day every day & night.
Of course he had training and I went on daily walks while I was making money renting out my place.
10 days we chatted and got to know each other pretty well.
I remember like it was yesterday.
We woke up talking to each other, we had our breakfast together, we laughed together, we cried together, had drinks together, we fell asleep while skyping, we saw/heard each other snore.
Gosh we established this deep and strong foundation that way.
Finally he flew home after his training was completed and we decided he was going straight home to freshen up and change clothes and then he was going to jump in the car and drive from Carlsbad to Beverly Hills to take me out for dinner. Our first actual date. Face to Face.
To Be Continued......

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