Sunday, November 13, 2016

Day 38: From The Beginning....

Before I met my now amazing husband, I had to go through one more nightmare.
I had met him on a dating site and he was super duper religious.
I was born and raised Protestant, so yes I believe and I had no problem with him being so religious.
But of course like everything in life, to much of anything is never a good thing.
He was very judgmental and yes we all are to a certain extend.
I mean, lets be real, we all judge ourselves the minute we wake up and look at ourselves in the mirror,  saying; "oh gosh my hair looks horrible today, or I really look fat today etc etc.
So yes we judge ourselves and others because we are still human and we all have flaws.
He took his religion to a whole other level.
Waking up daily, starting of reading the bible and praying, listening to religious music and pretty much all day carrying the bible with him wherever he went.
He was a pilot and lived in Vegas.
I lived in Beverly Hills.
I pretty much moved in with him, even though that was against his beliefs.
We got pregnant and of course we were planning for eventually marriage etc.
He had a hard time making his own decisions.
Typical mommy's boy.
And oh my Lord, his family was overly judgmental.
I know, I know, they say that religious people usually are the biggest sinners.
Yes I am stereo typing, but stereo types are based on facts and who doesn't believe in facts?
One day he came back home from a flying trip and he had gotten a stomach bug from another pilot from the road.
He was so sick and crying like a little baby.
One night he had actually pooped in the bed.
Unfortunately he had given me that same stomach virus and for me that was dangerous because I was pregnant.
Needless to say, I lost my baby.
After this horrible experience we broke up.
To Be Continued.......

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