Thursday, November 24, 2016

Day 43: From The Beginning....

So, our first date never ended.
John & I just both knew when we met that we were The One for each other.
In life, you just know it or not.
Love is about timing but it is also about chemistry and a lot of other things.
We all look at life from our own perspective.
Based on our experiences.
Back to the story.
John & I went to his home after Benihana.
We both agreed to no "hanky panky" and just continuing to getting to know each other.
It became kind of like a sleep over with your best friend.
We both agreed that if/when we got tired of each other, John would drive me home or he would just drop me off at the train station hahahaha.
To this day when we hear a train that is a inside joke.
Like I better behave or John put my ass on the train.
So we lived with each other at his home in Carlsbad and I rented out my studio back in Beverly Hills.
After 1 year we got married and to this day that has been the best decision I've ever made.
John's parents flew here from Louisiana and we got married at the local court house.
It wasn't really romantic, it was more like, take a number like at the DMV.
But it was exactly what we both wanted.
John never really proposed but we discussed it and agreed on it all.
His parents shed some tears and that was really sweet.
I even got a flower crown, kind of like Jesus Christ.
But it looked ridiculous, it was way too big and over the top.
That's kind of how I roll though.
I always have the tendency to overdress.
This always looks silly on me because I am already a tall blonde with big real boobies and a tiny waist so I never really blend in, even though I really want to.
At the end of the day, we are very happy and proud that we didn't waste money on a big wedding because you know what? It is about our love for each other and not about showing off how much money we can spend.
......To Be Continued......

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