Thursday, September 29, 2016

Day 2 continues "From The Beginning"

Okay so I never really got to the bottom of his story, meaning if he was married at the time to another lady for The Green Card. He denied it so who am I to question that any further.
While I was being detained I remember feeling trapped which haha is pretty accurate.
I didn't eat because I wanted to show them how sad I was and to be honest with you I am one of these people who can not eat while being sad.
I so vividly remember killing a cockroach with my shoe and just doing lots & lots of thinking.
I had to go to an office where my supervisor Mr. King made me swear on the bible to never commit a crime again. I actually never realized that overstaying in The USA is considered a crime and a felony.
I know, I know what a typical naive dumb blonde hahahaha.
I asked Mr. King when I was allowed back in The States and he told me that it would be easily 5 years because that's usually how long you stay on a black list after being deported.
He also said; "I know you will be back in The USA"
Oh, was he right about that one!
After like 3 days they found a flight for me to Sint Maarten.
I was escorted in a shuttle bus with bars in it which I thought was so silly.
Look at me I'm like this innocent Blonde Dutch girl who would never even hurt a fly? okay, okay I did kill the cockroach and yes I do kill scary little creepers/insects.
The plane ride was actually fun.
I met 3 business men on their way to Sint Maarten and I told them my story.
They said: "Wow, you should write a book!"
They were from The UK and I gotta say us Europeans do stick together and we can all relate.
After hearing my whole story they decided they wanted to help me.
They gave up one of their rooms to me and they bought me some food.
Once I arrived at the hotel I called my parents (I didn't want to call them from my cell, because I did not want to scare them.)
If I recall my age correctly, I gotta do some math hold on, this was in 1994.
So I am 45 years young now and it's 2016.
You do the math.
.......To Be Continued....

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