Monday, September 19, 2016

Why do I want to live the Freedom Lifestyle?

I actually already feel that I'm living the Freedom Lifestyle.
But ....there is a big BUT....,I'm not making any money with it.
I know, I know, we shouldn't do things for the money but lets be realistic.
Money makes the world go round and we all need it to survive.
Now you are asking but wait how does she live?
I'm very very happily married and my hubby actually takes care of both of us.
Now you are thinking, uhhh okay she must be taking care of the kids.
Nope no kids.
We try but no luck there.
I do fly at times as a Corporate Flight Attendant and make money then.
I don't fly a lot so its more of some pocket money at times.
I know I know I am extremely lucky.
So my mission is to make more money on my own to support my hubby at times as well.
I got so many stories I would love to share.
I do not know if I have the writing skills just yet but I am certainly doing my best to get good at it.
With any new skill in life I just gotta train that writing muscle.

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