Thursday, September 22, 2016

Day 5 Blog Challenge: Setting Yourself up for Success.

Me personally I have noticed that I rather "eat that frog" (meaning do my chores) earlier in the day before I go out and have fun in nature and/or at the beach.
This will make me feel more accomplished and just happier during the rest of the day.
Otherwise I will keep thinking about what I still have to do etc.

This is how my daily success plan looks like to Slay my perfect day!

* Wake up without alarm clock around 7am
* Letting my furry baby out in the yard while overlooking my favorite daily hiking trail "baby Mt Everest" (my hubby calls it that way cause its a hard but short trail).
* Back in the house I'll make myself my vitamin water with a fresh squeezed lemon and a yummy protein shake.
* Now I will listen to some motivational podcast and get some daily inspiration.
I love to listen to Natalie Sisson's podcasts The Suitcase Entrepreneur.
* I will set the timer on my iPhone for 25 minutes and start writing.

To get to this peaceful place I gotta say the miracles are in the prep work (meaning I prep the night before by setting up for the next day in my calendar).
Also I am reading and/or listening to someone who inspires me daily.
Oh and sitting downstairs in our home in my office while overlooking the greenery in the yard is not to shabby either.
I focus better without any music and without any other distractions.
Sometimes I put my headphones on so I can mute everything & everybody.

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