Monday, September 26, 2016

Day 9 of the Blog Challenge: Location Independence

Gosh the more I write these blogs the more I realize how lucky and fortunate I am.
I am living the life I always wanted to live in paradise.
My darling hubby and I are both in private aviation.
Hubby is a corporate pilot and I am a corporate Flight Attendant.
We are based in Carlsbad CA (San Diego county).
We have both traveled a lot and I've lived all over the world.
I've lived in Egypt, Italy, Canada, Hungary, Holland and all over The United States.
What I do to still be productive while on location is waking up early and "Eating That Frog" meaning I will get the work done that I have to get done before I do anything else.
"Slay Time before "Play Time!' meaning work before Play.
I do have to say that if my work time means writing and if I am not inspired and ready to write in the morning, I will go on a long hike while listening to some inspiring podcasts.
My location of choice would be Hawai or Santa Barbara.
Hawai I've been twice so far, once with my late hubby on our honeymoon (Maui) and we played with the idea of moving there but the fact that its an island held us back.
The second time to Hawai was a work trip as a Corporate Flight Attendant and I worked in the morning (getting catering and groceries etc for the plane) and I strolled the town and hung by the pool in the afternoon.
Santa Barbara has a piece of my heart as well.
It is so nice and quaint.
There I roll out of bed and take a long stroll on the beach which always gets me inspired.

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