Sunday, September 25, 2016

Day 8 of my Blog Challenge: My daily adventures

I am already living my perfect life.
No schedule and I can pick and choose what I love to do and when.
I love nature.
Being outside in nature where it is quiet and peaceful and lots of bright colors of the flowers and lush green grass and tall trees.
Today pretty much like every day I walked out of my front door with my furry baby Dobby while listening to some podcast by Lori Harder "Earn Your Happy".
I walked to the hiking trail behind my house (also called lovingly by my hubby "Baby Mt Everest," because its a hard but short 1 hr trail.
After coming home and changing I went to Home Goods which also makes my heart skip a beat and browsed through the store and got some great ideas and a new French Press.
Sprouts got a visit as well where I stocked up on some of my daily "crack" Kombucha and some fresh fruit and some yummy whole grain mini croissants which I ate all 6 of them while unpacking the groceries....oops!
Oh and Face Timed with my mama & sister in Holland which is always a highlight of my day.
Now writing my blog on the couch while my darling hubby is watching Football.
Ahhh....Life is Goooood!

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