Friday, September 23, 2016

Day 6 Blog Challenge; Finding Your Tribe

Every single day I'm yearning to learn & grow.
We are on this planet to learn and make mistakes and get up, dust ourselves of and keep going.
We will lose friends and if we don't lose friends we will not grow.
In life you will learn from others and/or they will learn from you and move on or if you are like minded or kindred spirits you will remain in each others lives.
Me personally I found some great motivators/teachers/mentors.
Lori Harder is one of these ladies who keeps it real and is very generous with her knowledge.
I love how she practices what she preaches.
Every single day she gives free value through her Facebook live's and her podcasts etc.
Peta Kelly is another gal who is a feisty and a sassy one but gosh is she knowledgable.
She is very transparent and super duper honest & real.
I would love to be a part of their master mind group.
I do realize that we are all at different stages in life.
That is why I am building my own tribe.
I started my own meet up group called The Fit & Fabulous Ladies.
So far I met some amazing ladies and enjoying the process every step of the way.
The 2 questions I would like to ask Lori & Peta are:
Mindset and when is a good time to invest.
Meaning there is so much free stuff out there and I have invested in the past in stuff I could have gotten for free and even better.

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