Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My perfect day

My perfect day looks like this;

Waking up without alarm clock.
Means around 6:30am
I go to the bathroom and let the dog go afterwards (I go inside &she goes in the yard of course 🙈)
I brush my teeth before all that.
Then I make my vitamin water and squeeze a fresh lemon in it.
I make my yummy strawberry carnation instant breakfast shake (I know, I know not the greatest cause the sugar is a bit to much but it's fo sho my crack!)
Then I sit on the couch and turn on Good Morning America & afterwards Live with Kelly.
I write in my journal and read my emails and check my FB etc.
Like 1 hr later I get ready (take a hot bubble bath) and go for a run or a hike with friends or by myself.
1 hr later I shower again and I'll post pix or whatever works on FB/Instagram/snap chat etc.
I listen to audio or podcast while I hike.
I listen to bpm/techno while I run.
I run by the beach which is very calming and peaceful even with the techno music.
Today I went with my darling hubby to his plane and that was a perfect day.
Afterwards we had dinner at our perfect restaurant on the lake.
Now back home in bed watching r fav shows.
This is my perfect day!

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