Wednesday, September 28, 2016

From the beginning....

Everyone has a story and it is not a competition, even though some people will make it a competition.
Yes I do believe life is a game and you gotta play nice and follow some rules even though sometimes rules are made to be broken.
I thought I was cruising through life and it all came pretty easy for me.
Until.....I got deported and they (Immigration Customs) put me in salvation army for like 3 days because they couldn't find a straight flight back to The Netherlands (my country).
Eventually they found a flight to Saint Maarten, which of course doesn't sound to shabby.
When the immigration guy told me he was just flirting with me when he asked where I was from but he didn't want to get me in trouble I realized we are all just doing our job and trying to follow the rules and regulations.
He even wanted to put handcuffs on me when he couldn't find my info in the computer but I said; "Please don't put handcuffs on me that will give me nightmares" Bahahaha how naive could I be?!
So I had to stay in a holding cell by myself because they were afraid that the other inmates might harm me. (that's what they told me).
I stayed there until my flight out of Miami to Sint Maarten.
I remember I wasn't even allowed to flush the toilet because of me being from Amsterdam there was a chance that maybe I had drugs on me?
At the time I was living in Miami with a half Columbian half Italian boyfriend.
We had just gotten back from his business trip to Puerto Rico.
To make matters even more interesting I found out while they where holding me that my boyfriend was married to an American lady for The Green Card.
So they wanted me to frame him while I was there when I was allowed to make a phone call to him.
He had to leave me at immigration and he continued home back to Miami.

.........To be Continued.......

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