Sunday, September 18, 2016


Hi Gals & Guys,

Here we go my first blog ever!
I will never use the excuse of not having time.
I got plenty of time and am very thankful of that.
Focus I need to work on.
I get sidetracked by watching others on all social media platforms you can think of.
Discipline is another obstacle for me.
I tend to give up when things get complicated.
This time I won't give up and stay true to myself.
I notice time after time that people sugar coat things and have the tendency of not being transparent.
But with all the social media platforms and "competition" we just gotta be ourselves.
We all have a unique fingerprint and we are all individually designed.
God made no mistakes when he made us.
We all have a purpose and reason for being on this wonderful planet.
Lets all just open up and be our unique selves.
Don't worry about not being perfect.
Nobody relates to perfection.

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