Monday, April 3, 2017

Day 111: Are you a Duck or an Eagle?

Don't quack like a Duck, but soar like an Eagle.
It's the power of choice.
You can be a Duck or an Eagle.
Ducks quack and complain, Eagles soar above the crowd.
Change your attitude.
If you get up in the morning, expecting to have a bad day, you'll rarely disappoint yourself.
Stop complaining!
It's easy if you try.
Ducks are easy to recognize. They think in Duck-like ways. They spend all day in the Duck pond with their little Duck friends.
Their responses sound like quack, quack, quack as they try to convince others that they are right.
The Ducks often tend to quote the rules or policy manual to try to avoid hard questions or as a reason to avoid solving a problem. Ducks are often guilty of the exact same things that they often quack (complain) about.
Ducks have no idea that soaring above them all the time are Eagles.
Eagles are people who have found success and soar above conflict.
Eagles are optimistic and choose a positive attitude.
Eagles are always aware of the 'Ducks' existence and the dangers that looms within the Duck pond.
Ducks can be very sneaky. They have a way of luring others to join the Duck pond.....this includes Eagles once caught in the pond, Eagles will quack along with the Ducks and can often find it difficult to leave. Some are able to leave immediately....others it may take much longer.
But most Eagles will leave the pond eventually and begin soaring the skies again.
But the majority of Ducks are Ducks.
They will never change, even with extensive counseling or training.
Ducks and Eagles can be nearly found in every situation.
You see them in your offices, homes, churches and organizations.
You see them in families and groups of friends.
You'll encounter them as you go run your errands.
The bank, grocery store, dry cleaner, restaurants, etc.
The Ducks will let you know, how difficult their job is and what an inconvenience you are.
Eagles go above and beyond to provide excellent service....even if it's just with their positive attitude and general likability.
Ducks and Eagles are easy to identify.
Look around. I'm sure you can easily identify who belongs in each group.
However, do you know what group YOU belong in?

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