Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 113: Wisdom

Wise people throughout history have been those who saw that while life is real, life's problems are an illusion, they are thought-created. These people know that we manufacture and blow problems way out of proportion through are own ability to think. They also know that if we can step outside the boundaries of our own thinking, we can find the answer we are looking for.
This, in a nutshell is wisdom: the ability to see an answer without having to think of an answer.
Wisdom is the 'ah ha, that's so obvious' experience most of us have had many times.
Few people seem to understand that this voice is always available to us.
Wisdom is indeed your inner sense of knowing.
It is true mental health, a peaceful state of mind where answers to questions are as plentiful as the problems you see when you aren't experiencing wisdom.
It's as if wisdom lies in the space between your thoughts, in those quiet moments when your 'biological computer' is turned off.
Here is an example.
As an intelligent person, your usual pattern is to think and talk about your problems in an attempt to overcome them.
You feel that because your problems are 'real', you are justified in trying to solve them.
On the surface this seems rational, that is, until you realize that problems are thought-related.
In other words, the act of thinking about your problems is the mechanism that keeps them alive and makes them seem real.
To see this another way, try this experience.
Stop reading for a moment and think of a problem in your life.
There it is, right in front of you.
An interesting question to ask yourself is: where was the problem a moment ago, before you thought about it?
It wasn't with you because you weren't thinking about it.
This doesn't mean there aren't issues in  your life that need addressing, but it does suggest that those issues aren't 'problems' unless they are present in your mind.

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