Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 115: Rude Awakening

So even though I hit another milestone within my company, I gotta step up my game Big Time!
We all strive to become better humans and for perfection within ourselves.
I started my business Feb 18, 2017 and so far I got 4 teamies (gals working with me, whom I like to consider sisters) actually in my company we do call ourselves Y-sisters = Younique Sisters.

Okay this is what I've realized, even though I got 4 Teamies now, I can't rest and sit back and enjoy the ride.
I gotta work harder and show "my sisters" how it's done. 
I have to lead by example.
Same like in marriage, once you sign on the dotted line, you still gotta work at your relationship.
So many times married people say to people whom are dating; "if you don't like what you see in your relationship now, it won't get better once you are married."
I tend to give up when things get hard in life, except within marriage, I would like to consider myself a good wife.
I like to be old fashioned and take care of my husband, meaning cleaning house, doing laundry, cooking etc.
I love being married and I feel flattered that one guy on this planet signed on the dotted line just for me, out of all the ladies in this world.
This makes me feel like a winner.
But we still have to work at our relationship.
Same like in business, we gotta keep working hard and keep re-discovering ourselves.
Being creative and pushing through the fear.
The adrenaline rush you feel when things go great and others want to join YOUR team out of all the other teams, is a spectacular feeling.
Finally I found my passion.
What's your passion?

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